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Peter Mel will be there Saturday {{Mavericks}}

February 12, 2010

Why is it that big wave spots are always so nasty?

This "little" wave at Mavericks is maybe only half the height the contest will see on Saturday.  And yet look at it.  

You can feel the girth, it is thicker than it is tall.  It focuses and wedges its energy all at once in concentrated spots, rather than providing a reasonable spread out canvas like Malibu or Rincon.  The top of the wave dumps like the shore pound surfers avoid at their home breaks.  The water in the trough of the wave sucks up into the wave so violently it is a wonder the boards make any forward progress and escape from the pitching lip.

Of course sometimes the best of surfers cannot escape from the lip of such waves., but Peter Mel is having no trouble here.

Now we imagine it 2-3 times as tall, 2-3 times as thick, and 2-3 times as wide and realize we're talking about at least 8x the water.  The Mavericks surfers will inevitably be taking some of these waves right on their heads

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Mavericks Contest is on for Saturday, February 13th

February 12, 2010

The Mavericks big wave surfing contest has been called for this Saturday, the first time it has been run in several years, as massive waves are expected.

The Mavericks big wave riding contest only takes place when the waves justify it but a 20 foot swell rolling in Saturday may jack into waves twice that height when it hits the Mavericks reef outside Pillar Point Harbor at Half Moon Bay.  It is forecast to be about as big as it can get and be surfed without motorized assistance.  Maybe 40 feet.

Crowds will be lining the cliff trying to see the action from a half mile away with binoculars.  The unique underwater topology at Mavericks amplifies a big swell into phenomenal, but often beautiful, monsters.  A half mile away is close enough, though perhaps better viewing options are the webcast or big screen live broadcast at AT&T Park.  

In all seriousness, the endeavor to surf those waves is as serious as these few surfers are passionate about it.  The contestants are our proxy in a spectacle of Man against Nature writ very large.  Wishing them courage, success, and most of all…. a safe return to shore.

The K38 Water Safety / Rescue crew will in the water trying to secure everyone’s safe return.

Information on seeing the contest can be found at: Mavericks Surf



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