Even the stars do not twinkle

Photo courtesy of Image_Editor

Is there anywhere on Earth where the stars do not twinkle at night?

Imagine a place of ice and snow where the air is drier than any desert.  A place of immense cold, that despite being the coldest place on Earth,does not have weather.  A place where the air is still, without even the hint of a breeze.  A place of complete calm and quiet.  The ultimate eye of the storm.

This exists on Earth, but in only one place: the recently discovered Ridge A near the South Pole.

The air above Ridge A is so still, dry, and quiet, that the stars do not even twinkle at night.  The sky is extremely dark and clear.

Images of the heavens taken at Ridge A are 3 times as sharp as images taken elsewhere on our planet, so it is a great place for astronomy.

But even though you do not need to worry about the weather, take your coat.  The average temperature at Ridge A is negative 94 degrees (F).  It is located more 13,000 feet high about 600 miles from the South Pole.

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