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Surprising truths about a *touchy* subject (safe for work)

January 9, 2010
Just the facts at a glance, M'aam. Tell me this is not interesting.  

Pornography may not be socially acceptable but it is socially prevalent in the US. It was arguably the economic engine that allowed the Internet to develop; an Internet we now use for organizing church activities and improving the world.

Does knowing how prevalent the viewing of pornography is change your perception of it? Are we fighting our own human nature; and if we are, should we?

The Numbers Behind Pornography<br />Source: Online Education

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Even the stars do not twinkle

January 6, 2010

Photo courtesy of Image_Editor

Is there anywhere on Earth where the stars do not twinkle at night?

Imagine a place of ice and snow where the air is drier than any desert.  A place of immense cold, that despite being the coldest place on Earth,does not have weather.  A place where the air is still, without even the hint of a breeze.  A place of complete calm and quiet.  The ultimate eye of the storm.

This exists on Earth, but in only one place: the recently discovered Ridge A near the South Pole.

The air above Ridge A is so still, dry, and quiet, that the stars do not even twinkle at night.  The sky is extremely dark and clear.

Images of the heavens taken at Ridge A are 3 times as sharp as images taken elsewhere on our planet, so it is a great place for astronomy.

But even though you do not need to worry about the weather, take your coat.  The average temperature at Ridge A is negative 94 degrees (F).  It is located more 13,000 feet high about 600 miles from the South Pole.

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