Breaking Christmas Story – December 23rd Facebook Crisis

The Facebook B4 Christmas

T'was the eve B4 the eve B4 Christmas
And all through their flat
Everyone was on Facebook
Even the rat
Who hoped for dropped cheese
And a sip of spilled cheer
But all folks were in cyberspace
Ignoring those near

No party was thrown
No guests did arrive
No merry, no laughter
No hugs nor hand jive
The kitchen was quiet
No noises no smell
The laptops were open
My friends under spell

I lept to their roof
Crazy sword in my hand
Searched out a cable
My diabolical plan
I slashed and I slahed
Until there was no DSL
Just howls and cursing
That's how I could tell

But within the hour
All was set right
The teleco was busy
No internet tonight
The doorbell was ringing
Friends were at hand
Bringing their iPhones
And unlimited data plans
Takeout was ordered
Chinese – a good guess
There was sharing & laughter
And for the rat…
A spilled mess

Merry Christmas

(c) Eric Pederson
Please share with attribution and or merriment

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