The Black Cat is now in the East Bay?

I am not the only one seeing black cougars in the Bay Area this Summer.

Last week there were two different, believable reports of a big black cat in the East Bay hills, about two weeks after my sighting below Lexington Reservoir.  Two weeks is plenty of time for a cat to travel 40 miles, Los Gatos to San Ramon; perhaps this Gato Negro is on a walk about.  The shortest walking route between the two cites would be right through San Jose.  

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As much as we would want to believe the big cat would go around the city, we've all heard reports of mountain lions in suburban neighborhoods, and a mountain lion was hit by cars on the 85 freeway by the 17 this year, right along this direction of travel.

There are much better options for a mountain lion than taking the freeway.  If you look at the map you will see narrow green corridors leading from the South West of San Jose to the North side of town: natural streams where a big cat could walk unnoticed, especially at night.

There is another possibility, I suppose.

If this is something like a black jaguar that someone has released from captivity, then surely it is the same, single animal in both locations.  However if we imagine this is actually a black mountain lion, a genetic mutation, then might there be more than one?  A liter, perhaps, who have come of age?

Keep your eyes peeled.  As the hills get drier at the end of Summer, the deer need to come lower out of the hills to find sufficient water, and likely mountain lions are following the deer.  Report any sightings straight here!

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