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Favorite Support One Liners

March 20, 2009

What are you favorite lines from tech support?
Here are a couple of mine:
(1). “Just call us if you have any more problems with your service.”.
(Telecom support desk)
(2). “Email the helpdesk at to open up a trouble
ticket”. (IT support)
(3). “Is your phone working now?”. (Live conversation over the phone)
There must be better ones – what are your favorites? Add below in
comments or by Twitter

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Will Twitter survive mainstream adoption?

March 19, 2009

Scale can be the undoing of certain things. Imagine an intimate get
together with 1,000,000 “friends” attending.
Will Twitter survive mainstream adoption?
“Twittering” will survive but Twitter is at risk. The inherent
structure of Twitter does not work when and if it becomes very widely
Social networking sites lose their value as entropy rises – and the
entropy will explode when it is broadly adopted by the populace.
However the idea of character limited short communications in a social
network context was brilliant even if it seems obvious after the fact,
and we should take our hats off to Twitter.
People will keep migrating forward to the next platform – we have not
seen the Google of social networking sites yet.
Have we?

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Is it time in the USA to reset our expectation$ ?

March 12, 2009

Something to think about:

US People






 Per Person

US Income

14.58 Trillion


$          47,678

US Gov Debt

(10.97) Trillion



US Consumer Debt

(2.56) Trillion





 $            3,437

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