The Plan, Boss, The Plan!

As Tattoo said on Fantasy Island it's all about "The plan, boss, the plan!"  Maybe he said "the plane", but it's no matter.

Here is my premise:

An average middle age or older adult can get quite fit without a gym, pool, fitness toy, or anything fancy.  What is required?  Nothing more than walking daily, and doing some push-ups about every other day.

Since my health is so terrible and I'm edging up on 50 years old, I seem the perfect crash test dummy.

The great thing about this premise is that, if true, we are all empowered to achieve great fitness and enjoy life more.  You can save the money you were going to spend on that Bownauti-pushup-master fitness device, and maybe buy a bottle of wine or put it into savings for your kids' education.

Here is the plan:

Walk daily, as brisk as comfortable, for every increasing distances
Do push-ups 3 or more times a week, in increasing amounts

That's it. This is something we can all do.  It is the Every Person's Workout Program.  And I am really confident after some study that this can work.

Where's the intrigue?  It will get interesting
  • Problems – some days there seems no time even for a walk, or the environment is not friendly for walking
  • Excuses – there will always be the temptation to find reasons why it cannot be done
  • World around us – I may see things on my walks, if they're interesting you can expect video
  • Results – it is unproven if this will really work, until someone documents it.  Will I succeed? Stay tuned!

I'll be walking and posting daily, and reporting my results in terms of time and distance walked, push-ups completed, and weight, and blood pressure achieved.

It is simply a matter of life or death, will you come along for the ride?  I hope you will – book mark this site and come back tomorrow when it all begins!

Happy New Year,

Eric Pederson

Every Person's Workout Program blog: Eric Walkers Push 

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