New Years Resolutions You Should Really Consider

I've poked some fun at the typical new year's resolutions, but I can be more constructive than that.  What kind of new year's resolutions should you & I make this year?

Let's assume becoming rich and famous, or an Adonis; world peace, being perfect, and enjoying a happy, stress free life are resolutions you've already ruled out.  If you're going after those, great, lets talk next year about how you fared.  It would be wonderful to hear of your success.

If those kind of resolutions have left you jaded in the past, you might consider something else.  Here are some resolutions with proven pedigree I am considering.  These are resolutions, not goals, so they are phrased as something you can stick in your mind and remind yourself of at the proper time.  These resolutions never expire, nor can you fail them; you win every time you remember them in the coming year.

New Year Resolutions for 2009
  • Be here now
  • Listen more deeply
  • Exercise your mind
  • Exercise your heart
  • Love the ones you love
  • Do what you can do now
  • Know what you want before you take what you can get *
  • Walk and do push-ups **
Dealexpert will talk about knowing what you want before you take what you can get, as that is an essential subject in negotiating, even if you are only negotiating with yourself.

Walking and doing push-ups?  That is all anyone needs to stay fit and within the grasp of 99% of everyone without spending a dime.  You can forgo the Thigh Master, gym membership or any of the other neat fitness gimmicks.  Doubt me?  Find your proof at my daily blog Eric Walkers Push where I'll log my daily activity, and report weight & blood pressure.  Book mark that blog now!  I'm neither a Spring chicken nor small boned, unlike Subway's Jared, so if I can do it, so can you!

I am shying away from including prioritizing one's daily activities,as we all know we should do this.  I think it amounts to making a daily list of everything important, then tearing off and throwing away the bottom half.  Use the time you saved to do something good for yourself, or for others or spend the time just enjoying life in an active way.

Happy New Year,

Eric Pederson

Tip of the hat to Greg Pressler who signed thousands of emails "Love the ones you love" over the years.  He is probably running or riding a bicycle 100 miles right now, or enjoying his loved ones.  

And a tip of the hat to Ironman Champion Dave Scott who has shared his "Do what you can do now" crisis management racing advice with many triathletes to great benefit in races, and in life!

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The Fitness blog for real people: Eric Walkers Push

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