Eric’s Confession & Why I’m Here

I have a confession to make.  I like gyms, I like working out, cycling, running, swimming, and team sports.

But that’s not the confession.  The confession is that I’ve been a poor owner of my body and over the years it has come into a state of terrible decline.  After my 48th birthday I had a physical and I expected some scolding.  I did not expect the change in my doctor’s disposition after he saw my EKG.  Have you had a heart attack before, he asked, as it appears you have heart damage.  He quickly outlined a long series of tests I needed to have, tests where everyone in the waiting room looks really old and ill.

My old plan had been to “hammer” my heart and body back into shape with some light running, cycling, and soccer.  That’s been ruled out.  My heart is not responding.  Instead of getting stronger it has gotten inflamed and less efficient.  It is scary to hear you are out of breath because your heart has enlarged and is pressing on your lungs.

What to do?  Grabbing some Jack Daniels and Haagen-Daaz is one answer, while ignoring the doctor and hammering my body is another.  Both might be suicidal, something my kids would not appreciate.

Instead I am endeavoring to get myself back to good health and high fitness by engaging in low stress exercise on a regular basis. This means simply getting out every day to walk and do push-ups.  

This blog is my daily story of that journey back to health in 2009, and I invite you along for the ride.  Your encouragement could make all the difference in my success.

My personal stats starting out

Weight: 248 (42% high)

Blood pressure: 140/90 

Triglycerides (TG): 333

HDL: 33

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