Putting People into Twitter Groups – Have I Got It Right? Where do You Fit?

One nice feature of TweetDeck , a desktop client application for Twitter, is the ability to put people one is following into groups.  That way you don't miss a tweet (140 character note) from your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse while you are having a fascinating discussion about internet marketing with someone else.

The question remains, what groups to use?
Here is my take on groups or categories of people I am following.  My question for you – have I missed the boat on this?  Is there a proper group for you here, and aside from what I think, where would you say you fit?


  • Interesting People
  • Conversationalists
  • Thinkers
  • Builders
  • Generals
  • News
Surely everyone fits one or more of these, or have I got it all wrong?  Let me know @dealexpert 

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