Going to Launch – Soccer Blog – Launch, not Lunch! Attacking90.com

The Attacking90.com soccer blog may be of interest to die hard soccer fans, or Soccer Mom and Dads who find themselves getting sucked into the vortex of that sport.  It's about US and International soccer, teams, coaching, and news.

Over the course of my sons' growing up I went from "what is soccer" to:
  • Soccer parent
  • Soccer coach
  • Soccer coach requested by players
  • Soccer coach my sons no longer wanted to play for
  • Soccer parent
  • Subscriber to Fox Soccer Channel (FSC)
  • Occasional soccer player in the older league
  • Soccer player asking about forming even older, older leagues
All in all its a great sport that one really can play "for life" and it keeps me from having to prove myself by either signing up for a Everest summit expedition, or paddling a surfboard out at Mavericks , which is far too close to home for convenient excuses (but "sorry I have a soccer game" works OK).
So check out my world renowned soccer blog now!
Happy football!
Eric Pederson

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